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  • High load
  • High leak tightness
  • Low spring back
  • Available in shaped seal


Dimensions and Data

Be aware that the tolerance on GD, the DC, different MATERIALS, PLATING and DIAMETER can have a huge impact on the actual load of a seal. Please contact HTMS to evaluate your specific case.

* Seal data based on Alloy 718 jacket and Inconel 718 spring without heat treatment (HT1), without plating.

** Average load based on the maximum load (at minimum diameter in the standard diameter range) and minimum load (at the maximum diameter in the standard diameter range). All values are calculated with Alloy 718 jacket and spring material, HT1, without plating.

*** In case spring is placed after forming or plating, usually for seals with a diameter > 200 mm, the + tolerance on AS will be slightly higher than standard (see table page 44). Tolerance on diameter can be half of additional tolerance on AS. In both cases there will be no impact on built-in situation or on sealing performance.

Materials and Codes

Other materials on request